Ringstar Respects And Honours All Endorsed Contractual Agreements

Ringstar Management (Ringstar) would like to state for the record with reference to the

posts made by Mr. Ryan Ford on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Contrary to what has been presented by Mr. Ford, he was paid all monies, fees and

bonuses for his previous appearances in full. Ringstar does not have any outstanding

payments in lieu with Mr. Ford for his works completed.

The contract excerpt shown by Mr. Ford in one of his Facebook post is incomplete, it was

an option provided to him during the addendum negotiation to the signed contract. A

contract is a binding document between two parties and fully confidential. Mr. Ford’s act of

publicising the contract without the consent of the management is viewed as a serious

violation of the contract.

The management has not been in breach of the contract between Ringstar and Mr. Ford.

Promoting Mr. Ford as a globally recognised fighter requires intensive investment and risk

by Ringstar, and it is only viable if the talent remains committed to the management for the

duration. The clause shown was compensation to Ringstar in the event if Mr. Ford breaks

the contract, which is an offer for a 4-year endorsement, promotion and management deal

with Ringstar. This is a common clause in talent and management agreements, and not an

unreasonable or unprofessional request. No party is obligated to commit to the agreement

unless they wish to, and Ringstar would like to emphasise that at no point during

negotiations was there undue pressure exerted on Mr. Ford to enter into contractual


As with the existing contract, there is a clause that states either party is allowed to cancel

or terminate the contract as long as one-month notice is served. In fact, the CEO and

Founder, Scott O’Farrell, was trying not to exercise his legal right to cancel Mr. Ford’s next

fight with the stipulated one months notice. Instead, Mr. O’Farrell tried to keep Mr. Ford on

the show and explained that due to the allocated budget, he would need to take a lesser

fight purse on this show or alternatively choose to postpone his fight until next year and

remain on the same money for one more fight.

We are disappointed with Mr. Ford’s choice of responding via social media and this is a

breach of his confidentiality obligations. We are further disappointed with his choice to

deliberately manipulate facts to support his campaign. Ringstar would like to again

highlight that we respect our fighters’ confidentiality and commercial agreements and

would expect the same from them professionally.

Mr. Ford has been extensively promoted by Ringstar over the past 6 months, rising rapidly

in the sporting industry to be recognised as a UBO World Light Heavyweight Champion.

Ringstar is committed to developing talents and bringing them to new heights through its

various fights and promotional platforms.

We do hope this issue with Mr. Ford will end amicably. However, we reserve the right to

pursue legal damages against Mr. Ford if he continues to engage in his defamatory


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