Mission statement from the CEO, Scott Patrick Farrell

“It was always my vision to promote the great sport of boxing and create an instantly recognizable brand, that would become one of the world’s biggest media properties. Thus, RINGSTAR was born.”
“My skills as a matchmaker are second to none and without bias. In only one year, I have created seven international champions, a world champion, and have three future world champion contenders.”
Ringstar will be the brand that is recognized for creating national, international and global heroes with captivating stories, wrapped in thousands of hours of content. A true media property that will attract millions of eyes worldwide to one fight platform.
Founded in 2016, Ringstar Management PTE LTD, is a sports media and management company based out of Singapore, with shows planned across Asia. Our current flagship event, “The Roar Of Singapore” features renowned boxers from around the world and promotes some of the very best in Asia.
Since incorporation, we have reached a broadcast footprint of over 150 million potential viewers worldwide. Ringstar Management is committed to the sport of professional boxing and developing boxing talent from Asia and around the world. Our fight platform is second to none and will always leave the fans exhilarated and wanting more.