5 Questions With… Tommy Browne

5 Questions With… Tommy Browne

Tommy Browne experienced a flurry of emotions during his bout at The Roar Of Singapore 2 on the 27th May. The Australian was making his comeback to the ring, two years after the devastating loss of his brother Davey Brown Jr., who passed away after succumbing to injuries sustained during a match. Despite Browne’s opponent, Indonesian Aleksander Bajawa, not making weight during the weigh-ins, Browne agreed to the match, but that meant Bajawa would lose his shot at the UBO International Superwelterweight title.


1) When you found out during the weigh-ins that Aleksander Bajawa did not make weight, how did you feel?
I was very disappointed with his effort. We both signed this fight well in advance, and had plenty of time to prepare for it. Aleksander is an experienced fighter, and in my opinion, this showed disrespect to myself and the promotion.

2) Going into the match, you seemed pretty confident and dominated throughout. What were some thoughts that went through your head during the fight?
I knew how much hard work I had put in coming into the fight. I have a great team that supported me and gave me great preparation. During the early rounds when I was landing some good clean shots, I knew that all my hard work paid off, and it was only a matter of time before I had him (Bajawa) out.

3) Who is your greatest inspiration?
My brother is my greatest inspiration; he motivates me to do well. I also have two young children, and they constantly keep me on my toes.

4) What are your future plans?
After my win at The Roar Of Singapore 2, my boxing future has been reignited. I feel like some blessings have been answered and now that my rankings have improved, I am in a good position for some big fight opportunities.

5) What is your secret to keeping fit?
The rigorous boxing training keeps me fit, and having a healthy lifestyle is also very important.

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