5 Questions With… Danial Jalil

5 Questions With… Danial Jalil

One of the highlights of The Roar Of Singapore 2 was the SEA Games Eliminator, which saw amateur fighters Jason Chua and Danial Jalil fight it out for the position to represent Singapore in the upcoming SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After three intense rounds which lasted three minutes each, Jalil from Kadir Boxing School emerged the victor. img-responsive

1) You and Jason seem to be quite friendly out of the ring, how do you maintain your composure when you are up against a friend?
I usually maintain my composure by telling myself that it is only for the 3 minutes each round in the ring that we have to put our friendship aside and do not get to be our usual self. After 3 rounds, when it is over we definitely go back to our normal self.

2) Going into the fight, were you confident of winning? How did it feel when the judges gave you the win?
Going into the fight I was not sure myself whether or not I was going to win. But I just gave my best, and when the judges awarded me with the win, I knew that I had done enough.

3) What are your training plans now that you are representing Singapore in the upcoming SEA Games?
My training plans for the upcoming games are planned by my coach Kadir and includes training twice a day with strength and endurance.

4) What are some of your thoughts about the boxing scene in Singapore?
My thoughts about the boxing scene is that is definitely has grown within the past few years as compared to before.

5) With the increasing spotlight cast on the sporting scene in Singapore (eg. Joseph Schooling & Angela Lee), do you foresee boxing expanding its reach in Singapore?
Yes, with the increased interest in the sport, I definitely see boxing expanding in the years to come!

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