5 Questions With… Ben Kelleher

5 Questions With… Ben Kelleher

Defending champion Ben Kelleher tells us his secret in maintaining his physique, and what motivates to train every day. The New Zealander’s fight during The Roar Of Singapore 2 held at Resorts World Sentosa was an exhilarating one, with his opponent Stephen Anak flying out of the ring at one point during the bout.

img-responsive1) From the start, it seemed like you were dominating the ring over the slightly shorter Anak. Were you confident in defending your title?
Stephen used forward pressure which would work if he was fitter than me. I believe that I am fitter than all of my opponents so I chose to match his work rate and he slowed before I did. Because of that, my power shots that landed added up and he eventually went down. I saw that happening when I visualised the fight in my head, so I was very confident. I also trust my corner.

2) How did you get into the sport?
I started boxing because I snapped my tibia and fibula while I was kickboxing. I chose to box because I want to continue fighting. Since starting, I have found a love for the sport and have written a goal down now to win a world title, and look forward to that manifesting.

3) Now that you’ve successfully defended your title, what are your future plans?
I hope the Ringstar team and the UBO see me fit to compete now for an International title. Once I win and defend that, I wish to compete for a World title. In the mean time, I will expand my skill set and prepare for the next show.

4) You’ve recently become a father. How do you juggle between spending time with your family and training life?
I want to set the benchmark for my children and immediate family as high as possible. That makes the sacrifice a lot easier when I need to spend time training. I like to think I am a good father, and the time I do spend with them I make sure it is quality!

5) What is your secret to keeping fit?
I use the idea that other people are working harder than I am as fuel. That and other extrinsic motivators like family, and the fact that other people are watching and wanting you to win (but in some cases lose) is a good motivation. I also think that it is important to have a knowledgeable team guiding you throughout.

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